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Transmute stress into excitement now

I was working (doing some coaching) with a man a couple of days ago, a very successful showbiz character complaining of stress and a sensation of discomfort in the liver. Turned out he helped a friend who was dying of liver cancer a few years ago, sat with him while he died and so on and ever since then has been experiencing the liver discomfort whenever stressed.

I pointed out and got him to see how he was generating the sensation himself in a vaguely copycat way, because it was precisely this feeling that made him feel most alive. Once he acknowledged this and owned it, the sensation dispersed.

Check what you’re feeling in your belly right now. That underlying tension there is not being visited upon you by aliens – it’s you generating that because that’s what makes you feel alive right now.

Once you acknowledge and own it, you’ll notice it disperses and transforms into excitement instead.

The more frequently you engage in this alchemical procedure the healthier you’ll become.

I wish you glowing health and a sense of everything being possible today.

Love, D

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