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Trees, Rocks And Mountains

Today is a good day for visualising an increase of the inbound flow of energy to your life – a good day to see yourself filling up with the essence of whatever it is you feel a need for more of – perhaps peace, health, love, money, fulfilment or freedom, for instance – and see yourself seated upon a throne being showered from above with energy visible as multicoloured light particles, each particle containing the essence of everything you want – see it showering down upon your person and forming a tangible force-field around you, extending approximately 3 metres from your core, so that as you breathe in, you’re inhaling that essence into the heart of your being, to the point you are that peace, health, love, money, fulfilment or freedom – or all of them – and more.

Feel yourself abundant with everything you previously felt you were lacking – feel yourself as that abundance and for the rest of the day and night, be that abundance, radiate that abundance and express that abundance with every breath that comes in and leaves your body – not because you’re grasping for results but simply because it feels good.

And all the while, let go of wanting results – just enjoy the sensation of abundance. Within a relatively short span of time, perhaps as little as three weeks, abundance, consisting of all the aspects visualised, will begin manifesting for you.

The more generously you give of the unique quality of your soul in whatever you’re doing from moment to moment, the more generous life will be in return.

See the world around you, including all sentient beings, even and especially those beings apparently against you, as an outward expression and manifestation of the Tao, the source of all abundance. Give as much of yourself in love to the Tao, in whichever form it presents itself at the time, as you can possibly manage without straining – never strain. See it as an investment – an investment in loss of the illusory self in order to gain the dividend of unlimited abundance.

Realise it’s not about ownership – you can’t truly own anything in this universe – it’s about sharing, not just what you have but what others have to share with you – and not just with people but with all sentient beings, even the most slow-moving and apparently inert – trees, rocks and mountains – see the whole as a living, breathing being of which you are a living, breathing cell and just keep pumping love into the mix.

And keep letting go of wanting results – keep breathing and keep giving the love – and wait while just a short time passes.

Miracles are happening even as we speak.

Trust it.

May you be showered with abundance today and tonight.

With love, Doc

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