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Trick For Instantaneous Triggering Of Miracles

Based on the premise that by creating and sustaining your own version of reality rather than reacting to the version you perceive created by others, you access and increase personal power, which in turn enables and supports your ability to manifest the outcomes you want in life, here’s an example of metaphysical prestidigitation, derived from ancient Taoist ‘magic’ practices, you can employ easily and with good effect to accelerate the process.

Take a moment out of the affray to settle your mind, body and breath, close your eyes, gaze into the pleasing void behind your forehead there and allow your imagination to form an image of you a short while hence, enjoying your life immensely because you’ve managed to jump over any obstacles presently in your way and have miraculously manifested the new reality you want in all respects.

Once you have an image that works as a snapshot reference, roll it into the shape of a small sphere, grab it and project it mentally a watermelon’s distance from the tip of your nose.

Now, still with eyes closed, form a bird’s beak in your right hand by pressing the tips of your fingers to the tip of your thumb and raise the beak up to the level of your nose as if supporting the snapshot image in space.

Still with eyes closed, inhale and exhaling through your mouth in a fine stream, gently blow the sphere off the beak and picture it sailing gracefully off into the ether.

Now open your eyes slowly, focusing on the beak, noticing the energy streaming between eyes and beak and vice versa for a moment, slowly lower the beak and carry on as you were.

Within hours if not sooner, things will start happening differently and before you know it, you’ll have manifested the next stage of your life.

May that serve you well and may it cause you such wonderful surprises as things start happening, you can but gasp in ontological astonishment and existential glee.

Love, B

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