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Trick To Increase The Power Of Visualization

Visualization is one of the most important skills in the whole Taoist system. It’s used in every single aspect of self-training, from meditation, healing and martial arts, all the way through to manifesting things on the material plane. Yet for it to work, the mind needs to see the scene as clearly as in a dream, in sharp enough focus to engender an authentic, palpable sensation within, as it’s this sensation that makes the command (for it is a command) to the subconscious stick.

Once the subconscious knows what to do, not only does it propel your entire being along the optimal energy lines from within, it also reaches out to all parts of the universe and makes connections on the collective consciousness level with everyone who will help facilitate your needs being met.

There’s a multitude of techniques to enhance visualization skill, one of the more potent and immediate of which is the following (this will also help strengthen your eyesight).

Imagine you’re breathing in electric blue-white light through the middle of the front hairline, at the top of the forehead and drawing the light down to the bridge of the nose, then exhaling and sending it back up to the top of the forehead again.

Repeat this between three and nine times and you’ll notice the front part of your brain become totally clear.

Now in that space between and behind your eyes, when your eyelids and lowered sufficiently to see it, try it out by projecting an image of you looking and feeling absolutely brilliant as if just having scored the biggest goal imaginable.

Repeat the whole process three times today and watch how each time the image of you looking brilliant grows brighter and clearer by a quantum leap.

Not only will doing so increase your visualizing skills, it will also draw you exponentially closer to realizing the biggest goal in your life so far.

I wish you that instantaneously this very day.

Love, B

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