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Trick To Maintain Inner Stability Through Manifesting-Process Buffeting

The main thrust here is to give things space to fail. If things have space to fail, they have space to succeed too. Without space to fail, there’s no space to succeed either.

Go all the way down into the depths of self-doubt and generate the gloomiest picture possible, where nothing you want has worked out. Then see yourself smiling and delighted to be alive nonetheless in the sure knowledge that something fantastic will follow by the power of yin and yang.

Now go all the way up to the loftiest heights of self-confidence, form a vision of you having manifested everything you want now and see yourself standing on the other side of all presently perceived obstacles looking equally smiley and delighted to be alive.

Now form a simple picture of you smiling and feeling delighted to be alive, take yourself into your future self via the back of the future self’s head and feel that smile of delight from within as if it’s happening now.

Thank the Tao for shunting all necessary conditions into optimal position to facilitate this state on the ground as well as within and return to the everyday state.

This exercise increases existential flexibility and resilience so that no amount of stormy weather can truly knock you all the way over and fortifies your manifesting process.

I wish you the resilience and flexibility of the most powerful elastic and a run of sudden, surprise miracles that totally remove your socks.

Love, B

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