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Triggering An Exponential Acceleration In Your Manifesting

One noticeable effect of collective pressure and stress is an apparent tendency for people to grow more ego-centric and hence less caring of others, as if with resources on the rapid dwindle, the only sure way to personal satisfaction is to push for immediate advantage at all costs, no matter how limited that advantage might be – like cutting someone up to get ahead of them in a traffic jam. However it becomes swiftly clear to anyone exploring this route of selfishness that happiness lays not along its path - momentary gratification perhaps but something that actually touches and nurtures the soul, no.

When you nudge past the self-centredness and spend just a small measure of mental energy on sending out caring thoughts to others – people you know who need it, loads of people who need it – the whole world even (because everyone needs it) – it leaves you feeling clean and open and in cleanliness and openness, miracles happen. You can’t accurately place a time-frame on it but after a moment or two spent in heartfelt well-wishing, within three days to three weeks, amazing things start happening in your own life – sudden quantum shifts occurring as a result of surprise instances of serendipity.

And the beautiful thing is, even if you do it for totally selfish reasons, just to get the reward so to speak, the doing of it cancels out the selfishness and it works anyway so you don’t even have to pretend to be a saint.

But I do strongly recommend devoting at least one thought a day to sending love and wellbeing to the whole world. It’s actually harder than it sounds but it’s worth it in terms of accelerating your own manifesting process.

I wish you an exponential acceleration in your manifesting process now.

Love, B

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