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Triggering change when you're stuck

I don’t know if you ever get the feeling you’re stuck – stuck in a job you don’t like, stuck in a lifestyle you don’t seem to fit, stuck in a relationship that isn’t nurturing you and so on – I often get emails from people who say they feel like this.

So I wanted to reassure you, should you ever find yourself feeling this way about anything, that it’s actually impossible to be stuck. Stuck is an illusion. All parts of this universe are in motion – perpetually.

Even the greatest, most solid-looking mountain, nay, mountain range, is gradually shifting its shape, imperceptibly to the naked eye perhaps, but shifting nonetheless.

And the events comprising your life and any situation in which you feel stuck, are no different. Even if to the naked eye, the shifting is imperceptible, to the eye in the middle of your brain, the eye of your all-knowing subconscious, the shift is plain to see at the subatomic level.

In fact by assuming full responsibility for manifesting wherever it is you’re at, and furthermore by trusting that aspect of you that’s done the manifesting, to have done it for your highest good, even though you can’t see quite how that can be just yet, and having accepted responsibility, thus putting pay to the erroneous notion you’re a victim of circumstances, being able to love it, simply because it’s a moment in your life and you love your life and all the moments in it, the stuckness starts evaporating all by itself.

As soon as you love what is and wish for it to be so with all your heart even if to the naked, everyday eye, it sucks, what is changes of itself.

It only sticks around in the form it’s in because it wants your love. As soon as it feels loved, hence appreciated as the magnificent piece of drama it is, it moves on and becomes something else.

So in short, if you want to instigate a process of self-liberation that picks up steam as the weekend unfolds, start now, by saying to yourself, with utmost sincerity and feeling, ‘It is I who have manifested the current set-up. I have done so in infinite wisdom to lead me along the fabulous learning process that is my life, that I may ever more fully grow into myself. I love what’s happening now, even and especially if it feels uncomfortable. By loving what is, it changes of itself. I’m ready for change’.

Wish: change comes suddenly and beautifully and within no time at all, you hardly recognize your life, so magnificent and new has it become.

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