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Trust yourself

One of the main reasons you fight with yourself and thus deprive yourself of the inner peace that is your birthright is that you don’t trust yourself fully or much at all. This causes you to doubt your choices at every turn – both the choices you’re about to make and the choices you’ve already made that have led you to where you are now.

The choices you make guide and shape your destiny. Generally speaking, providing they have a sound set of ethics, the more confident a leader is in their leadership skills, the better choices they make in leading the people and the more the people trust those choices, which in turn increases the leader’s confidence.

You are the leader of your internal realm. By being willing to trust your own leadership, you increase your confidence likewise and so make better choices as you go along, which in turn produce better results in terms of success in all areas of life.

Confidence, incidentally, derives from two Latin words: con meaning with and fidere

meaning faith.

Self-confidence, therefore, means holding faith with yourself.

No leader gets it right all the time – to err is human – but with a firm intention set on achieving success in any or all given fields, success will occur with the fullness of time despite any mistakes made along the way. But the more confident you are, the more you’ll make the right choices and that in turn will increase your confidence thus instigating a virtuous cycle.

Tell yourself frequently and regularly throughout the day, with quiet but persistent conviction: I am willing to trust my choices, I am willing to trust myself – I trust my choices, I trust myself.

You’ll notice the positive effects almost instantly showing up in the way you perform your tasks and make your moves as you go about your daily doings.

I wish you total, unshakable, indomitable self-confidence today.

Love, B

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