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Trust yourself

On the subject of enjoying life and living it successfully in all ways, don’t waste a moment feeling sorry for yourself or worrying your life’s controlled by some accident-prone mad deity, don’t think you’re a freak of nature for being in whatever position you perceive yourself to be in and above don’t berate or punish yourself in any way for how, where or who you find yourself to be.

Instead trust your ability to be tuned into the intelligent flow running through you and your life, the Tao and in your capacity to follow it effectively, along with your willingness to trust its leadership.

With this be willing to trust all the choices you made so far, all the choices that have led you to this resent point. They worked or you wouldn’t still be here.

And these choices were actually merely responses to the call of destiny on your soul.

The more you trust your responses, the better your responses become.

Love, D

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