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Turn the world on its head

If today you find yourself taking life and all its details so seriously you lose your inner smile and don’t know how to draw yourself back into balance but need to in order to keep your vitality flowing so you can get through the tasks at hand, here’s a wonderful instant reset technique.

You know how the earth is a sphere rather than a flat surface, hence that the so-called fact that the sky is up and the ground down, is actually merely a myth. In reality the sky is out, away from the sphere’s center and the ground is in towards it.

This myth is in fact a throwback to when the earth was believed to be flat – old habits die hard – so is totally up for grabs.

So the ancient Taoists who knew the world was a ball, developed the upside-down method, by which you reverse the illusion and become like a bat, hanging down from the ground into the sky. That’s right, you make the ground up and the sky down, so that the roofs of the tallest skyscrapers are pointing down deep into the sky and your head is pointing down towards the ceiling, while your feet are up there on the ground.

A few moments of this will instantly reframe your view of reality and reset your perspective, making all the day's details and tasks, just details and tasks.

I taught this once to a leading QC (UK version of a senior court lawyer), who used to turn the courtroom upside down just as he was about to make his closing speech and reckoned he invariably won his cases on account of it. That’s how empowering it can be.

I wish you such inner poise and balance today you don’t care which way round the world is.

Love, D

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