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Turning your inner world back the right way up

If you’re feeling all upside down and out of sorts or your life seems to have turned upside down and your energy is depleted from trying to right it, here’s a powerful tool that will set you straight within an hour at the most.

It works by readjusting the energy in your spleen meridian – the spleen corresponds to the earth element and so governs the energy connecting you to earth-plane reality.

If your world is the right way up, this will merely ensure it continues that way.

Place your hand under your armpit with the side of your forefinger nudging the armpit and the edge of your little finger on the side of the ribs as a measuring device.

Now where the edge of your little finger touches the ribs, rub the flesh up and down over the bone (wobble it) briskly with the pads of the forefinger and index finger for 20 seconds and repeat on the other side.

It’ll feel a trifle odd at first but when you stop the wobbling, the (existential) wobble will also instantly stop and within no more than an hour you’ll have retrieved your perspective and your energy.

I wish you a fully right way up and terrific day.

Love, B

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