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Unblocking a stuck situation

When you feel stuck, impaled on the horns of an apparent dilemma, weighed down with inertia, or stymied by self-doubt, and have, as a result, fallen prey to the delusion that the only way for things to change is incrementally along a linear path, remind yourself of the lateral quantum realm governing our reality, wherein things change exponentially by a series of quantum jumps or what we might call miracles (tricks of the light).

Then instead of feeling obliged to remain in the incrementally referenced state, choose to rely on miracles.

Instead of bogging your mind down with misguided views of reality laid out in unmoveable concrete blocks, set it free into a vista of pulsating vibrating quantum fields of infinite possibilities, whence miracles are wrought simply by relying on them.

And be patient, as it can take a while for the process to work its way through the density of the material-physical plane.

I wish you the vista and the result today.

Love, B

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