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Understand Yin And Yang

The entire universe, which is no piffling thing, so pay attention, is governed by two alternating, complementary and opposite forces: yin and yang. Yin refers to the contractive, destructive, conservative, static, dark, soft, passive, yielding, force – yang to the expansive, creative, progressive, dynamic, bright, active, assertive force. The eternal dance of these two preatomic forces governs everything that happens on a microcosmic level too – your body, your mind, your experience, your relationships, your work, your affairs, your timetable, your energy levels, your sleep pattern, your work-rest pattern, your success-failure patterns, your extrovert-introvert pattern and any other pattern you care to mention – it’s all governed by the alternation between the yin and the yang.

When the yin is at its zenith, the yang has already begun to grow – when night is at its darkest, the dawn is already about to show its face – when the credit crunch is at its peak, the first glimmer of the next boom is about to poke out its nose – when depression reaches its darkest stage, the seeds of enlightenment are born – when summer is at its hottest, the first cold breeze of winter starts putting its boots on ready to go out and play and so on.

Learn to discern the phases of the various cycles operating in the different spheres of your life and of the world around you and you are empowered with divine understanding and power over the temporal.

My wish: that you attain supreme clarity and can see to the subtext thus gaining in wisdom and acuity by a quantum leap today.

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