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Unlock a massive change today

If you really want things to change for the better, first accept and love them as they are, even though you may not like things the way they are.

So whatever’s happening or isn’t, claim ownership of it.

Access the feeling you have in your belly about your life right now – and even if it comprises extreme loneliness, frustration and fear, remind yourself, ‘it is me who has generated this feeling and manifested all the events that led up to this precise moment in time, because it’s precisely this that makes me feel most fully alive and I love it’.

Keep doing that rather than run away from what you’re feeling by distracting yourself with externals, masking them with false bravado, or by being in denial, and you’ll feel such a surge of personal power and optimism, it’ll leave you with no doubt whatsoever that you’re on a magical path leading to your highest good and everything is possible.

Love, D

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