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Unravelling the enigmatic, shifting your reality

When I was studying with RD Laing, he’d say things that were so succinct, oblique, unexpected and seemingly bizarre at times, followed by no explanation or unpacking, even if I begged for some, I’d often walk around for weeks, if not years, or occasionally decades contemplating what he’d said till the penny dropped. I admired his cryptic, enigmatic approach immensely but have always felt a crucial part of my own role is to serve as an un-packer, an explainer, to make it easier and easier for people to get it.

We seem/I feel we need to get any possibly relevant messages more and more quickly as we hurtle blindly towards our mysterious collective destiny and the time for obliqueness is perhaps not now.

But I do wonder if we’re missing something by unpacking and explaining everything, somehow depriving each other of having to spend time working on something.

However, if people are going to work on things, I’d prefer it to be techniques that then produce actual shifts of energy, followed naturally by a shift in consciousness and vice versa.

For instance, try this: stand with feet together and visualize a pair of roots shafting down through the floor all the way to the earth’s mega-hot core. Visualize the heat streaming up the roots into your soles, up the insides of your legs, up through the pelvic floor and into the lower abdomen, there to nestle as a discreet ball of fire, warming your kidneys and radiating to all parts.

Simultaneously as an uplifting counterbalance to the earth-core, lower-belly power focus, visualize a golf-ball of brilliant white light spinning clockwise at the speed of light a fraction above the crown of your head and let this connect you to the lightness of the air and the brightness of the sun and the primordial light of all the stars in the universe.

Sit down again and you’ll notice your entire relationship with external reality as well as with yourself has radically shifted and feels much better altogether.

Repeated practice of this technique will make you much stronger on all levels.

And that’s just one technique from a near unlimited pantheon of such methods passed down over the millennia by these magnificent Taoists in their time-travel flying machines.

I suppose that last reference might be considered slightly oblique, loaded with a clue as it is about the sublime abilities of the ancient masters, the methods of whom I’m sharing. I’m happy about that.

Happy reality shifts.

Love, B

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