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Unshakeable Stillness

In any given moment you have a choice between losing yourself in the drama you’re creating about your life, and coming back into your centre, where as soon as you enter, there is no drama anymore, like walking through a door into a secret inner chamber of supreme silence.

The only reason it’s somewhat tricky, the only reason you don’t do it more often or freely is because the drama is addictive, on account of the adrenalin you trigger by making yourself anxious, which state all drama inevitably, eventually gives rise to.

However as any recovered addict will tell you, all addictions are essentially illusory and have no value whatsoever save for the value you ascribe them.

The way is to gradually become habituated to inner silence instead of the noise of the drama, not necessarily to replace the drama, but at least to provide an alternative option to enjoy.

I wish you unshakable stillness at your core.

Love, D

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