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Unutterable Existential And Sensual Bliss

This being a full moon impregnated weekend, which always makes the psychic energy stronger and more accessible, it’s the perfect time for redoubling your positive attitude towards life, the world, yourself and the possibility of personal and collective healing and evolution, for as you see it, so it will be (if you see it clearly enough).

Things go right, things go wrong. Things go up, things go down. Things go in, things go out. It’s all just the play of the underlying preatomic complementary and opposing forces of yin and yang operating in this, the manifest ‘world of the ten thousand things’ and we must learn not to take any of it personally, nor pin our merit or the merit of our lives on it. Realising and sharing your unique essential self with a loving heart is the greatest contribution you can make here and on that only can you validly pin your merit.

All the rest is just passing show.

Desist from taking it all too seriously now.

Smile on it with a loving, compassionate heart.

Be amused by it.

Be amused by the way you’re interacting with it and vice versa.

Be nurtured by it to the extent a show can nurture you.

Add your own sparkle to it.

Encourage it.

Love it.

Ride it for all it’s worth.

But don’t be beguiled by it, however alluring its apparent validity.

It’s all just passing show.

Even the flesh and blood.

Reality is solely accessed within - beneath the level of mind that sees things as either good or bad, right or wrong, up or down, or in and out – beneath the layer of mind that engages in preferences – beneath all the applications, beneath even the operating system, all the way in to the universal intelligence informing your hard drive – in your innate formatting - for only there at the core of your being will you find the unshakable truth of existence, only there will you find the unperturbed peace you crave and seek in vain in externals.

And I know it’s a hard thing to resist, pinning your hopes for eternal peace on managing to rearrange external reality to suit you just so – I fall prey to the temptation momentarily myself at least fifty times a day – but gradually as you learn to access the deeper realm within and start getting used to and trusting it and as you simultaneously learn to watch yourself with compassionate detachment being pulled hither and thither by external diversions, you realise you’re wasting energy that way and naturally gravitate towards seeking stillness within via the breath instead.

For it’s the breath that harnesses you to the moment – without the breath there would soon be no more moments – and moments are all you or any of us have – in the moment, right now, is all the life and creative power for positive change that ever was, is or will be – it exists nowhere else but here – here and now.

So if you buy that, if it resonates with your soul as you sit here reading this, join me now in slowing down your breath. Breathe out fully – empty all the stale air from your lungs. Do this by flattening your belly against your spine to expel the air. Now allow your belly to swell fully like a large sponge filling to receive the fresh air. And repeat. And repeat. And keep repeating fairly consistently till your very last breath if possible, being sure to make the breath silent, smooth, silken, soft and sensuous, because the quality of your breath directly determines the quality of your thoughts, remembering all the while that the air is not neutral nothingness – to the contrary, it’s pregnant with chi, life force and limitless potential. Every inhalation fills your being with fresh life, fresh courage, fresh strength, fresh optimism and a new chance to manifest whatever you want. Every exhalation releases you from the past and relieves you of past clinging, fear, weakness and pessimism.

With every inhalation you are reborn, with every exhalation you die to the past.

Let this be the subtext of all your experience, no matter how horrible or wonderful and you will always have peace at your core.

And the more peace at your core, the more external life grows peaceful all around you – it’s like a puppy – you calm down and most of the time, it calms down around you. You may get the occasional nip but it’s only playing – it’s just an excitable puppy, life – and you take command of it by taking command of your own breath.

How does that sound as a prescription for optimisation?

I bid you a fond farewell for now and wish you a day of unutterable existential and sensual bliss.

With love, Doc

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