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Unwavering, unbridled joy today

How much you enjoy your life very much depends on how much you’re both willing and actively choosing to enjoy it.

There’s always been great suffering in the world – nature is cruel and human nature is certainly not shy in mimicking it – and this accumulated suffering has generated a magnetic imprint in the collective energy field.

Without realizing it, since before you were old enough to think for yourself, this imprint has been impacting on you, causing you to suppress your natural ebullience and wonder, playing down your joy so as not to stand out or offend those suffering around you. This has been slowly, steadily working away at you on the unconscious level, hence why you’re in the habit of putting a lid on your enjoyment.

However it’s actually your highest purpose to enjoy yourself, to enjoy each and every moment, each and every passage of your life story, without exception, including the apparently painful ones, because by you enjoying it, the Tao that manifests and informs you, enjoys it through you.

You serve your Tao by enjoying being alive, by appreciating the miracle of your existence from breath to breath.

Spreading that joy by allowing it to infect everyone in your orbit or who comes into your orbit, simply by intending it so, constitutes your mission here – your purpose taken into action, because then the Tao manifesting and informing the people you touch, can enjoy itself through them too.

And it begins with you relaxing your guard and being consciously willing to feel the joy and actively choosing to feel the joy in each moment, even if the moment is a lonely, sad, painful, or fearful one.

This may sound contradictory. How can you feel joy and pain simultaneously? Well, only the undeveloped mind believes everything in life is just one way or the other. The developed mind appreciates that everything in life is an admixture of both and is able to accommodate the paradox comfortably.

So it’s not about going into denial about the suffering or pain you may be feeling or the suffering or pain you witness in others. It’s about seeing that and seeing the joy, and choosing the latter as your focus.

It’s a basic law of metaphysics that whatever your focus on grows.

Focus on the suffering and that grows dominant.

Focus on the joy and that grows dominant.

The former depletes your vital force. That latter amplifies it.

The more joyful you grow, the more joyful the life (the Tao) grows within and, by extension, around you. And the more joyful life grows within and without you, the more joyful life grows for you.

Meantime, take a deep breath and as you exhale, null and void once and for all your contract with suffering. Then as you breathe in again, draw into yourself the very essence of joy and make a contract with that instead – let joy fill you every moment from now on come what may. Repeat a few times till you feel it.

I wish you unwavering, unbridled joy today, come what may.

Love, D

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