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Up the love factor

Love makes miracles happen – miracles of healing, of connection and of abundance.

If you want miracles to occur with greater frequency and impact in your life, up the love factor.

This means relax your chest far more and allow the innate human warmth and love for being alive to radiate from there and fill up the atmosphere all around you. Do so especially when around other people.

At the same time, allow in the love of the whole world.

For miracles to happen, the flow has to be a two-way affair. Receiving is of equal importance to giving.

Visualize a pair of sliding doors opening in your chest to reveal your beautiful, beating heart. Visualize the word love emblazoned on your heart.

As you inhale and exhale, imagine doing so directly through the opening between the sliding doors.

Visualize the flow of love extend to encompass the whole world and everyone in it.

Then gently return to the everyday state, carry on as you were and within no more than 24 hours you’ll start noticing miracles happening – moments of unexpected serendipity, moments of implausible coincidence and so on.

Give thanks for it when it happens as this increases the flow even more.

I wish you a mad run of miracles today.

Love, D

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