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Using The Life-Essence To Manifest Great Things

If you wish to feel and know the very essence of life today, tonight and through the weekend, desist immediately from seeing yourself as viewer and life as subject and instead allow yourself to merge with life going on within and around you.

Know that your individuated consciousness is merely an incredibly sophisticated illusion and that what or who you are is actually that consciousness itself, just as is everyone and everything else. You do not ‘have’ consciousness. There is consciousness. There is energy. There is love. There is abundance. There is life. This combination of pre-atomic factors expresses itself in myriad ways – as you, as me, as all sentient and non-sentient beings throughout time and space.

Knowing yourself now as an expression of this, frees you instantly from the petty considerations of status and self-importance. Free of status and self-importance, you are merged with all existence and so feel the very essence of life informing your being. Your job is to radiate this essence from your essential being for the good of everyone. Be generous with your essence. Allow it to radiate as love from your heart and great peace will descend on you, rendering you unflappable in the face of the ups and downs of the everyday. Unflappable, you are able to think clearly. Thinking clearly, you are able to see what you want. Seeing what you want and informing that vision with the primal energy in your belly and unconditional love in your heart, what you want is made manifest in the twinkling of an eye.

May your eyes twinkle like crazy and you manifest such splendours your heart leaps in your chest now.

Love, Doc

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