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Vision Expansion

It seems fairly obvious the key to accelerate human evolution lies in expanding personal consciousness. This expansion multiplied by all individuals engaged in the awakening process then generates synergy, which accelerates the collective awakening to everyone’s advantage.

The Taoists have been discreetly promoting such consciousness expansion for thousands of years in fact, hence the fabled wondrous abilities of various Taoist martial arts masters over the centuries in respect of channeling chi and so on.

One very simple trick to affect a quantum leap in conscious awareness consists in willfully expanding peripheral vision in a physical sense, which in turn automatically expands your inner vision and vision-creating skills.

Try gazing at the scene before you and focusing like a digital camera on the centre of the scene. Keep your focus there but simultaneously soften the edges of your view by relaxing your eyes and ocular region. As you do, allow your eyes to take in more of the light spectrum. You’ll be surprised at how much you can actually expand the edges of your view simply by relaxing your eyes. And even more surprised at how much your conscious awareness expands in general by doing so.

Meantime, may everything your gaze falls upon today fill your soul with delight.

Love, D

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