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Vision Expansion Advanced Version

This technique is not only good for expanding inner vision and therefore consciousness, it’s also great for improving your eyesight.

Relax your ocular region by giving it the command: ‘ocular region of mine, reeeee-lax'. And feel it let go. Now slowly sensitively, not pushing them too hard, slide your eyeballs from side to side 7 times, up and down 7 times, corner to corner 7 times and other corner to corner 7 times.

Then gently massage around the orbits of the eyes, starting at the outer corners and moving under each eye to the inner corners, then over the eyes to the outer corners again 7 times.

Now gaze at a fixed point in front of you and hold your forefinger up to your nose. Move it away from your nose, still gazing at the fixed point and you’ll soon see two fingers. Keep that vision clear as long as possible.

This exercises and energizes the eyes and balances the strength of the two eyes.

Now percuss the rear of the skull with fingertips, playing a fast drum roll for a few seconds to stimulate energy in the optical cortex.

Finally relax and from the midbrain region gaze at a point in the distance and allow your peripheral vision to expand round the edges, so that without straining you’re able to see more and more.

Repeat this every day and within three days or less you’ll already be experiencing greater clarity of vision both externally and internally.

May you see to the depths of every situation and view and enjoy the clear vision of the golden immortals all day and night.

Love, B

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