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Visualization exercise for being present

Visualize yourself walking along the road of life, the past, seen as a swirl of multicolored moving memory-shapes, is behind you, gradually vanishing into the distance, the future, seen as a swirl of white light (still in the potential, hence uncolored, state) undefined shapes dancing merrily in front, resolving themselves into a viable pattern of themselves.

See yourself being fully empty of thought other than the thought that you’re walking along the road of life with the past behind you and the future in front, knowing that all you have to do is maintain this present-centered state and both past and future will resolve themselves and events and situations organize themselves to your optimal benefit.

Then not only see it but feel it too – feel it as if from within the chest and belly of that person walking along the road of life in such an enlightened, free-spirited and successful manner – and do so, remembering that you are that person (provided you choose to be – which in fact you just have by seeing it – and if you keep choosing it by seeing and feeling it, will remain being).


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