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Visualization exercise for rewards to come soon

Visualize yourself having braved out the self-doubt bout, now standing on the other side of all apparent hurdles, having somehow, miraculously jumped clean over all of them, now basking in the glow of relief and accomplishment, surveying your world like an emperor or empress for whom everything in the universe is totally sorted.

From where that person stands any former voices of dissent, the inner doubter, the inner worrier and so on, are heard from way back in the past, mere echoes of ghosts long dead.

Note the extraordinary sensation of warmth and steady joy in the chest and belly and the way this makes the breath flow more deeply and fully.

Then remember you are that person, come back into the everyday state, bringing that sensation with you and carry on as you were.

This will elicit the merriest of days possible, dear reader.

Love, Barefoot

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