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Visualization exercise for trusting yourself

Visualize yourself trundling along the road, like an innocent fool, not moron, mind you, dear reader, but fool in the archetypal sense – the idiot-savant who is wise to the truth of life, has intelligent, informed perspective and sufficient psychological/philosophical distance from events to remain focused, yet simultaneously sufficiently relaxed and imbued with natural, youthful, playful spiritedness and excitement for being alive and on the adventure, in thrall to the mystery and open-hearted and compassionate towards everyone on the path with you because you understand what they’re going through by understanding yourself.

And see how as you walk along, you have absolute confidence, along with total trust in yourself and your choices/responses and are not in any way driving yourself mad neurotically or punishing yourself in any way.

To the contrary, you are self-loving, self-approving and expansive, radiating a huge light of joyfulness all around you.

Be this version of you more and more, simply by seeing it and choosing it so and your life will transform quicker than you can say Jando Fuldecompt, whoever he may be.

Love Barefoot

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