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Visualization exercise to keep going

See yourself as a baby being born, pushing through your mother’s birth canal. Take yourself back there – imagine it, feel it. Feel the pressure of the womb contracting around you and no longer being the warm, safe home it’s been for 9 months – now it’s suddenly hostile and wants you out of there – feel yourself, somewhat bewildered yet triggered into primal action, head off down the narrow chicane of the birth canal, getting your skull all but crushed, your fontanelles opening to allow your head to get squeezed as if in a vice and imagine how you may momentarily feel defeated as you do all you can to keep moving through against all odds and yet continue to be squeezed beyond belief, how you may feel as if you can’t cope or go on any longer. But then see how nature does its bit and moves you through and that first rush of light and air.

Now had you given up back there in the birth canal, you’d not be here reading this now.

That innate courage and force of nature surging through took you through the miasma that time and into life and will do so again this time, should you find yourself in one of life’s chicanes now or in the future.

Tap into that courage now and let it fill your chest and inspire you to keep going and before you know it you’ll be reborn and your whole life created afresh.


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