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Walk away from it all?

Part of the difficulty of facing the work you have to do today, the morphing of self into the workaday mode, is the erroneous notion that it’s been visited upon you, that you’re a victim of the external world and therefore have no power over your life.

One of the quickest ways to retrieve your power when feeling like this is to remind yourself, that no matter how much of a mess it might make, you are actually free to walk away from it. Knowing this instantly creates a space between you and the situation – enough of a space to realize it’s not compulsory, it’s voluntary. That you have the power to choose. And if in the likely event you choose to not walk away and instead to focus in on what you have to do like a warrior, it’s out of free will.

You’ll be amazed at how such a simple internal operation can profoundly affect your energy and enthusiasm levels.

I wish you the most profound increase in energy and enthusiasm today.

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