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Wealth and creativity

Wealth is a fascinating subject, one that rivets us all, but perhaps the aspect that fascinates me most is creativity. I know enough people who have made enough of a fortune to never have to work again for eight lifetimes, yet who feel bereft of meaning and congruence in their lives because they aren’t exercising their innate creativity but merely living from a formula. Conversely I know enough people who thrive merely because their creativity is working at full tilt, despite having hardly any financial wealth at all.

And to this extent, I reckon creativity is a major asset.

What it means to be creative is to align yourself with the original creative thrust of existence itself and to offer yourself as a channel for it, filtering through that cosmic power into something with the stamp of your own character on that you can proffer the world.

This may express itself through one of the various art-forms or may not be that literal and instead express itself in the way you do commerce or just cleaning the house.

It implies being willing to step out of the way, remove prejudice and allow original thought impulses to trigger off spontaneously from within.

Financial wealth can’t buy creativity but creativity can generate financial wealth, hence long-term devoting time and energy to developing creativity is a sound investment, as well as which it brings you as close to the divine pulse as anything can.

I wish you flow.

Love, D

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