What if you’re stuck in a quandary?

Should you do this or should you do that – you really, really can’t gain clarity on it but somehow know you need to and there isn’t time to waste.

The Taoist way is to first accept, relax into and hence accept the actual state of quandary.

Note what it does in your belly and chest and then everywhere else – note the tension at the back of the neck from (metaphorically) turning your head this way and that trying to decide between two apparently contradictory urges, for instance, or the tension in the belly for not being able to digest all the information, or the tension in the chest and/or lower back from the fear of making a mistake and so on.

Then simply relax those areas and all other areas you were feeling tension in.

Breathe slowly – use the exhalation to lead the tension away and out through the crown, fingertips and toes.

Enjoy the sensation of quandary – it’s as valid a sensation as any other.

Stop fighting it.

Relax into the quandary state.

Then speak to your Tao – the Great Presence within and around you. Tell it sincerely you really, really don’t know what to do. Tell it you do know you want to feel free, happy, fulfilled, at peace and so on and that you also want everyone else involved in your life who may be affected by your choices, to also feel free, happy, fulfilled, at peace and so on too.

Then ask your Tao to produce the perfect result for all concerned and by the free will of all concerned and to nudge you this way or that by force of events until you find yourself with the perfect result made spontaneously manifest in real time.

Then all you have to do is follow your energy and fascination and let yourself be nudged.

This bit naturally takes courage and inevitably gives rise to flux and flurry, with even possibly temporary turbulence in your external affairs, but it’s the fastest way to arrive where you need to be, which is in fact where you already are but haven’t realized, hence manifested it yet.

And if that doesn’t turn your head upside down and inside out before returning it to a state of peace and magnificence I don’t know what will.

I wish you profound peace and magnificence.

Love, B

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