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What to do when someone blocks your progress

As you glide along like water, every now and then, others will inadvertently or sometimes even advertently get in your way, on account of agendas of their own, causing you, if clued in, to divert and flow around or over the obstacle, just like water.

However, when defaulting to the non-clued-in state, as we all do from time to time, on account of misguidedly falling prey to momentary lapses into the realms of vanity and self-importance, the tendency is to take their obstacle-making actions personally. In fact everyone is living out their process as best as they can, each according to his or her current stage of personal evolution – you just happen to be in the way of that momentarily.

So let yourself be the one in the way and stop being in the way by yielding like water, while continuing in your forward momentum, swerving a bit to left or right or flowing right over the top, or even underneath if an opening permits so to speak.

You can only do this when divested of all illusory notions of self-importance and so carry your spirit lightly – and you can only do that when coming from a place of power within, itself arising from breathing properly and holding your body correctly as you go.

With that in place, it’s a simple step to remember that everyone and everything is merely the Tao throwing shapes and the Tao only wants your unbridled, untrammeled and unobstructed progress, at which all illusion of obstruction somehow seems to melt and he or she who was playing the part of someone in your way is no longer doing so.

But this obviously requires getting into the right frame of mind, especially when dealing with the more unmovable of obstructive presences.

I wish you a flow that carries you through fresher, more verdant, more wondrous and more magnificent pastures than you’ve ever hitherto dared to expect.

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