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What we’re all looking for

Watch how everyone’s rushing around engrossed in the game of the everyday, striving for wealth, power, status, stimulation, excitement, thrills, satisfaction, profit, success, knowledge, influence, achievement and so on, as if that’s what will give them the fix they want, while all along what they’re all looking for, what we’re all looking for at every turn, in everything we do, in everyone we meet, is love.

But just like the Tao of which it is a primary aspect, love is actually indefinable. You can mention its effects but you can’t explain what it actually is, no matter how you try and many have.

However you can explain precisely how to access it, increase its presence and amplitude and the strength with which it radiates from you to those around you, as well as the strength of the flow coming back your way from others.

Doing so you activate a charge in the quantum field, which causes a spontaneous quickening of events in your life in real time, in turn, giving rise to an increase of the requisite serendipity, synchronicity and synergy to shift your life a whole quantum jump for the better and bigger in all respects.

Love is generated in the heart centre – it is an expression or product of heart chi. By stimulating the heart chi in the chest, you amplify the force of love flowing through you. Begin by simply spending time concentrating on softening and relaxing your chest and allowing the warmth you feel as a result to radiate all around you willy nilly as a gift to the world. Then while out and about interacting with others, remind yourself to simultaneously pay attention to continuing to soften and relax the chest and allowing the warmth to radiate to envelop whomever you meet or even just think about.

Every now and then, spend some time visualizing that radiance spreading so far and wide, it envelops the whole world, bringing peace to every sentient being.

Within just a short while – a few days, a week, three weeks or whatever – you’ll experience a marked improvement in all your affairs leding swiftly to major progress.

My wish: that you start experiencing surprising signs it’s already working, one after another right through the weekend.

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