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Where’s your life going?

If you’re asking yourself that today and expecting to find the answer by wondering about how or if to change the externals (status, relationship, profession, location, lifestyle etc), perhaps drop that method of inquiry as an experiment and try the following Taoist style method instead.

Your life is not going anywhere. Even when it appears to be going somewhere, it isn’t. You are sitting perfectly still, poised and grounded in the centre of your existence, which is unfolding around you in an ongoing series of exponentially expanding concentric circles, to gradually encompass more and more of what we’d normally call the future, but which is seen from this perspective for what it actually is, the now that simply hasn’t revealed itself because the circles haven’t reached that far yet.

So if things are feeling a bit humdrum or stuck or you fear you’re holding back on having all there is on offer for lack of courage to take risks, simply allow your expanding circles to encompass the essence of whatever it is. The Tao, the Great Movement, will then draw all necessary factors into place to facilitate the perfect exegesis of the intention in real time without you having to even stir yourself. And along with that comes total fulfilment of your potential.

May this instant reframe resonate and produce a magnificent shift via a series of miracles that delight and thrill you to the quick today.

Love, Doc

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