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Why does manifesting work easily with parking spaces and other clichéd examples, but not big stuff?

People say to me, “I have great success getting myself parking spaces or cabs when I need them through manifesting but find it impossible manifesting big things like houses, fortunes, relationships etc. Why is this?”

Because you don’t realize you’re entitled to bend reality to that extent and hence are thinking too small. Once you can accommodate the idea of something fully enough to actually be able to feel the sensation of having, doing or being it, you’ve already instigated an unstoppable process of it becoming reality.

But while you’re limiting the scope of your vision on account of not realizing (believing) you’re entitled to the big things you want, reality will simply obey the signals you’re unconsciously emitting to keep the results small for you.

I wish you a sudden, spontaneous realization of your entitlement along with a rush of magnificent manifestations.

Love, D

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