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Win The Game Without Even Trying

You have a function of mind dedicated entirely to resisting the new – new information in whatever form it comes: information about you, your life in all its aspects, and how you stand in relation to it and the other people in it. This is so whether the incoming information pleases you or displeases you. Resistance acts as a valve and ballast to protect the inherent static quality, the part of you that necessarily desires to conserve the old to provide a structure in which to receive and hold the new when it arrives. The static quality is the yin and the dynamic quality is the yang that constantly reaches out for change and improvement of circumstances. Resistance is a tool of the yin and must be honoured as such, however cannot be allowed to permanently inhibit the thrust of the yang if stultification in your affairs is to be avoided. On the other hand, the drive to take in more and more must be balanced with the urge to preserve what’s already there.

But rather than attempting this feat of rebalancing through the mind, it’s far easier and more direct to bypass the internal melodrama going on about it altogether and go directly to the body to make the necessary changes.

Stop doing whatever you’re doing, stop worrying about doing whatever you have to do and take a moment to pay full attention to being in your body.

Note the resistance you have to life and what it seems to be asking you to do and then observe how it translates to physical holding in your muscles, soft tissue and breathing pattern.

You’ll feel its epicentre in your solar plexus, the region in which information, as food or ideas, is processed and assimilated.

Try focusing here and asking it to relax. Say, ‘Hello my solar plexus. Could you relax?’ Wait for your solar plexus to answer in the affirmative then continue, ‘And would you relax?’ again wait for the affirmative response and conclude, ‘Good. Then relax because we need to process and assimilate a lot of information so we can make some progress together here in the world of the everyday, thankyou.’

You’ll probably notice yourself taking a deep breath and relaxing a lot more altogether.

Then tell that part of your mind dedicated to resistance, ‘Thankyou for all your invaluable help so far and all the help you’re going to give us in the future but now together, let us welcome the new whatever it might bring.’

Then, look at your life and whatever it is you’re doing along with everything you have to do and allow your inner eye to see the Tao informing every aspect of it – see all of it, all the details, as little manifestations of the Tao in the everyday.

Then talk to the Tao there in whichever way you know how and tell it that even though you have fear, even though you might want to walk away from all your responsibilities, you don’t want to walk away from it and so will walk towards it instead. Then see yourself walk towards every detail of everything you have to do with open arms ready to love the Tao in it.

Give it a few minutes for this reframing magic to work and then go back to doing whatever you were doing and you’ll probably feel a lot lighter and more willing to engage enthusiastically with it. If not do it again and again until all unnecessary resistance is dissipated. If the resistance is mega-strong, it might not even work today at all but if you keep doing it, by tomorrow or the next day, you’ll suddenly notice yourself with renewed vigour and gusto and ready to resume your place in the game.

May you win the game without even trying, without even noticing yourself making any special effort – may the game win itself for you today, in fact.

Love, Doc

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