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Winning the real prize

What if you couldn't pull it off? The big one, I mean. What if you couldn't realize your life's dream? Would it all have been a waste of time, a waste of a life? What if pulling it off was just a great game you'd been playing all the while to while away the time as you were hurtled through space at a million miles an hour (roughly the speed you're traveling at when the motion of the planet, solar system and galaxy are factored in) and it didn't really matter at all?

I ask because it's important to check regularly that you're not confusing yourself about the point of being alive and so wasting energy on unnecessary illusions.

The point of being alive is merely to enjoy being alive, even when it's hurting, and to spread that joy like a benign virus for the greater benefit of all. The point of being alive is not to achieve anything - that just happens as a natural by-product of enjoying it.

This is not to suggest giving up on achieving your dream. To the contrary, It's to lend you extra fuel with which to do so. Because every time you release the self-imposed pressure, if even just for a moment, you also release a whole new flow of vitality into the system and are thereby able to put even more power into achieving your dream.

But always remember the dream is just that, a dream. The real prize is to be found exclusively right here, right now, by loving where, what and who you are, as you are this precise moment.

Be thankful for the opportunity and miracles start happening.

I wish you marvellous clarity on and sublime appreciation for the miraculous existence you're living today and tonight.

Love, D

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