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Wonderful technique to increase fearlessness

Relax everything from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes – let go of all residual tension in the muscles – spot it wherever it’s accumulated and command that region: reeeeeeee-lax!

Slow your breath right down.

Visualize in each armpit a small opening through which you’re able to breathe directly in and out.

Breathe in and feel the breath enter through each of these holes and travel instantly to the centre of your chest, filling your chest with courage.

Now visualize a small opening in the centre of the breastbone and exhale through that, visualizing yourself radiating a subtle whoosh of protective energy into the air all around you.

Keep breathing in and out like this and after about nine breaths, you’ll feel a sense of being buoyed up from within and protected without.

Do this three times today and by tomorrow, you’ll notice yourself feeling far more stable, fearless and courageous.

I wish you unshakable stability, fearlessness and courage today.

Love, B

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