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World-class life-changing magic

I don’t tend much to mention where I am or what I’m up to as in the past it’s inspired a surprising degree of destructive envy when my motivation had always been and is to instead inspire a sense of what’s possible, while also providing the keys I’ve turned myself to make doing the requisite magic with your life a real possibility even probability, so it’s not just a tease. Which is partially a shame as the degree of color, fun, unexpectedness, serendipity, variation, and sheer outlandishness of situations I find myself in around the world, and the people I come across and make friends with or otherwise, are such larger than life characters, it would make for great data input.

Suffice it to say, however that in the abundance of off-time I was enjoying there in Tulum, between bouts of being of service to my esteemed erstwhile temporary employer and his entourage, writing the rather exciting (if that’s the right word in the circumstances) new anti-depression training/treatment course, working on a plethora of music projects, some for meditation tracks for you, mostly directly for the dance market under my secret aliases, doing general work things, and of course enjoying the theater of it all there, which is quite something to behold and partake of…in the strangely nonetheless abundant amount of off-time (as I was saying a while back in the paragraph), to which I agreed with my subconscious, my Tao-access, and which then auto-triggered spontaneously via intention rather than contrivance,

I was pondering a tad on this whole guiding in/manifesting/wu wei business.

The key is to firstly be satisfied, if not fully delighted simply because you’re alive, because that way you don’t feel as compulsively enslaved to your desires.

Free of your desires you stop rushing forwards chasing them.

Rushing forwards makes noise – psychic noise. Psychic noise muddies the field right in front of you, which exactly where you need it to be clear instead in order to receive the very blessings you desire.

The antidote to rushing forwards and running that interference on your wu wei flow as I’m, sure you’re guessing already, is rushing backwards instead – flying more than rushing really. You only need to do it or a few moments each day with your intention in mind. Visualize an industrial vacuum sucking you backwards inside and you flying backwards through inner space – and feel it – that’s most important.

And you know how when water-skiing the boat makes a wake behind itself, well picture that sort of energetic shape in front of you instead (as if being pulled backwards on trick-skis). Because into this wake is sucked the subatomic essence of all upcoming situations wherein serendipity will perform its magic for you.

The rest of the time, simply have the grace to allow the Tao its head and any time you’re interfering with your fretting and guessing, maneuvering, and operating, simply note the discomfort it causes you and drop, then fly back instead.

Ansd watch what happens, and if it’s not total world-class life-changing magic within 30 days I’ll eat my shoes or (similar).

Here’s to your magic.

With love, Barefoot The Rapid-Rider

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