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Wu Wei way to get things you want

Stop wanting for a while. I know it’s impossible for more than spilt seconds at a time, because the mind is completely referenced to wanting. Wanting and subsequently getting (or not getting) is one of the key things that makes the world go round. However the energy of wanting can be oppressive at times. And when you press too hard on life it runs away from you, dear reader. It only stands to reason.

Hence why the Taoists always advise to apply no more than 4 ounces (110 grams) of pressure on life. Desist from grasping at desire. Desist from grasping at anxiety. Desist from grasping at excitement. At least be mindful of doing so as frequently as you can remember. Enhance this desisting with an exhalation.

Watch your mind carefully for a moment. Note what it grasps at. Note how it grasps. Choose instead to not grasp and breathe out and let go instead.

The things you grasp at may be constantly changing – a new house, a new country, a new career, a new relationship, a new suit, a new car, a new life, a new glass of wine, or say when very young, a new go on the tit – but how you grasp never changes. The grasping is a constant.

The idea is to get desisting from grasping an alternative constant, so at least you have a choice and when you find yourself feeling stressed for wanting something, you’re able to exhale, let go and find peace in the moment.

Once you have peace, all else is added spontaneously anyway. And ultimately it’s peace you’re searching for in vain in all the external things you want or think you want. When you get that money, then you’ll have peace. When you get that relationship, then you’ll have peace, and so on.

But the catch is the manifest, external world is run on the yin-yang mechanism, meaning everything cyclically turns into it’s opposite. Hence you’ll only ever derive moments of peace from anything external.

The perpetual peace you crave at the soul level, the craving for which is your main internal driver, whether you realise it or not, arises from desisting from grasping and letting go with an exhalation – again and again and again.

I wish you everlasting, unshakable, supple, resilient, shatterproof-no-matter-what peace, dear reader.

Love, B

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