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You Can Always Get What You Want Now

Contrary to the word of Mick, you can always get what you want not just what you need. The reason it looks like you can’t always get what you want is merely because you’re confused about what you actually want and don’t really want the things you think you want at all, you just want to want them.

The more self-aligned you grow, the more you want what you need and so get what you want more of the time – this based on the premise you can always rely on the universe to provide for all your needs.

What you have right now is precisely what you need. Whatever you get is precisely what you need at the time. So when you feel at odds with reality and it’s unsettling you, taking your peace away, resettle yourself instantly by reminding yourself that this is precisely what you need right now, then embrace it fully with an open thankful heart, trusting the universe knows your highest good and knows what it’s doing in respect of producing it for you, even if you can’t presently see proof of it.

Want with all your heart for reality to be precisely as it is right now, including everything about it that’s unsettling you, because this is evidently exactly what you need even if you can’t see why yet, and you instantly feel settled and congruent with the greater flow. It means you’re now wanting what you need.

Only then are you in a position to ask for refinements.

And then be bold – address the mother of all existence with full conviction and ask for everything – not just peace of mind or clarity but absolutely everything – all the wealth, health, prosperity, abundance, love, joy, delights and anything else your heart truly desires and trust as you do so that what you want is what you need and it will all come to pass more elegantly than haute couture.

Meantime may you be blessed with a hundred instances of pure delight today.

Love, delight and happy V-Day, B

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