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You can do it

Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t do such or such, give yourself reasons why you can.

Whatever you focus on grows.

You’ve probably got something you’d really love to do but invest all your energy available for manifesting it, in finding and rationalizing reasons you couldn’t do it.

Simply as an experiment with reality for the weekend, however, why not try investing all that energy in finding the reasons you can.

It may come to nothing but it may come to something amazing.

Simply write a list of all the reasons you can do whatever it is you want to do and watch what happens to reality as a result.

Meantime, carry on as you were and enjoy each and every moment as it unfolds like a rose opening its petals in a private show put on especially for you and give thanks.

This will instigate a powerful new thrust in your miracle flow.

I wish you a powerful thrust.

Love, D

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