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You're your own spiritual leader

Some years back high up in the Himalayas, I was calling Victor, my dear, late dad one morning, catching him the night before in UK time, for one of our regular chats. I always called him regularly or vice versa to have a natter about the state of the world, the latest news, what was going on with us, indulge in a little philosophy and have a belly laugh together.

It was a regular tonic as my dad was a really funny, loving guy, as well as being wise, warm and extraordinarily cheerful. He was a confirmed atheist and happy with it. He was utterly pragmatic and revered no man, except perhaps Charlie Parker. He enjoyed talking with me about spirituality but eventually always dismissed it laughingly as a 'load of old crap for babies'. This would always set us both off giggling, as I’ve never felt the need to defend what I do and enjoyed the joke in any case. And despite his total lack of belief in spiritual immortality he was totally comfortable with the idea of death and actually died with huge smile on his face.

So, there I was one morning, knowing I was cueing him for a corker, saying, “Here, dad, you know who I’m having tea with today? The Dalai Lama" - "That's nice," – " any messages for him?” - “Yes…tell him, kiss my ass!” this followed by a river of laughter from both of us.


Don’t be reverent towards techniques, traditions, disciplines, nor towards their celebrated figures, nor even towards the divine. The Tao doesn’t give two figs about your manners – the Tao is beyond such niceties. The Tao is only concerned that you are present in full to receiving the consciousness, love and life-force it is generating on your behalf.

For which the Tao requires you to relax and relinquish attachment to thinking you know how things should work out for the best, that it may show you what it always had in mind for you, which you can be assured will inevitably be far more spectacular and rewarding than anything you (or I) could possibly devise.

I did pass the message on respectfully with due explanatory preamble to the relevant parties later at tea that day, incidentally where it was also met with peels of laughter.

I hope that gave you a wee laugh too and struck nicely home in reminding you ultimately you’re your own spiritual leader.

Loving wish: you lead yourself progressively more deftly, joyfully and elegantly from one scene of both inner and outer splendor to the next.

Love, B

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