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Deadly but fun – that’s life, dear reader.

However, if we look behind the story of human life, step outside the linear time frame and feel ourselves momentarily immortal and eternal, it’s clear that though the body and personality may feel great pain just prior to departure, once through to the other side, all pain has ceased and perfection not experienced since the middle trimester in the womb is ours once again to enjoy.

But just as when in the embryonic state in utero there was no identification with self, nor any words with which to even formulate such an idea, that same sense of dis-identification with all human references will be the state.

However identification with the big self, the Tao of the whole cosmos, will occur, as it’s actually occurring right now, and has been all the while for that immortal part of you, it’s just you’ve been too distracted to see, know and feel it.

But if you fancy feeling it, and fancy feeling it regularly to both ease your identity shift on passing over, thus reducing any residual fear of death, and also lend you a fully deepened, broadened perspective to enable you to keep all factors comprising your story in proportion and so be able to take everything in your stride while still here and thriving, then this is what I recommend (aside from doing every singe one of my trainings and reading every single book etc):

1 – honor the story you’ve concocted about yourself and the world and appreciate it goes on solely in the front sector of your body – the story in the forebrain and your emotional reactions to it in your solar plexus, and the static from this spreading to all parts – but only in the front

2 – note the back sector of you is entirely devoid of story and static

3 – note you have a choice between sitting in the front and becoming that noise, or sitting in the back and becoming the strength and stillness residing in the silence there

4 – choose that option

5 – gently without expectation, fall backwards inside, then flow, then full-blown fly backwards through that inner expanse of space, going faster and faster through inner space, and getting bigger and bigger as you go until you’re going so fast and getting so big you feel like the fastest, biggest thing in existence – you become aware of your immortal self – you are your immortal self.

And that’s exactly who you’ll be when you pass over.

Meantime, open your heart in the front there to connect to humanity at soul level, and ordain from the immortal part of you, how you wish reality to perform for you today.

And if your focus is relatively clear and your wish relatively sane, you’ll get exactly that, dear reader, you’ll get exactly that.

Finally before we say ta ta for now, breathe in and out as if directly under the toes, like there was a secret breathing aperture there.

Breathe in white light, and breathe out rainbow light.

With each in and out breath, feel the tingling chi in your feet rise higher and higher up your legs till it’s in your belly and now your chest.

And stay like that. It’ll make you high.

With love, Barefoot

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