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Your Total Freedom

Sometimes you find yourself growing out of a situation, relationship job, career, or so on, and find your head filled with inner conversations (and probably many outer ones with confidants too) about leaving, yet feel stuck for fear of hurting others.

You feel sure you can resolve the conundrum and arrive at a conclusion by seeing the conversation through in your head, yet eventually grow frustrated when you find that doesn’t work and you’re still apparently stuck and you’re apparently no closer to a resolution.

The way of wu wei, however, suggests overriding the conversation altogether and simply visualizing, hence initiating an intention, to find yourself delivered into a new, improved or totally transformed situation, wherein everyone involved has benefited somehow and you find yourself feeling amazing and wonderful in every way. They recommend eschewing trying to figure out precisely how this might happen but to leave the logistics and details of that to the Tao itself to sort.

And, aligned with that, to address the feeling of not being free, repeat, without thinking about how it could be so simple, “I’m free to do whatever I choose,” at least 6 times in a row, three times daily – and if you’re worried that might turn you into a monster, add, “And all my choices are wise and life-affirming for everyone.”

I wish you total freedom and incredible results today, tonight and right through the weekend ahead.

Love, D

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