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Zoom-out technique for eagle-eye vision on any situation

This is an advanced technique, so take care.

If you can momentarily stop what you’re doing it in order to try it properly that would be good, otherwise, wait till you have the right moment with mood to match. It’s invaluable, this is.

(Having read this), close your eyes, relax into your skin, breathe slowly, place a forefinger under the base of the skull in the center, press in with approximately 4 ounces (110 grams) of intelligent respectful, kindly force and gazing into the void between and behind your eyes, focus on an image of the situation in question and allow yourself to start falling backwards in space while simultaneously expanding in size, growing larger and falling further back with each passing breath, until you’re so far back and so huge, the situation in question is now relatively the size of a wee micro-pea.

Then, having shared a little existentially knowing chuckle with yourself, take your forefinger away from your skull, relax, zoom back into the everyday state and carry on as you were, subsequently to find, I wager, the situation in question to unravel and resolve of itself.

May all situations in question unravel and resolve themselves for you today, leaving you feeling spritely and spirited as the cheekiest eagle.

Love, B

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