Power boost in a trice


Power Boost In A Trice

This business of manifesting never ceases to intrigue me no matter how deeply I inquire into it.

We'll never be able to definitively state how destiny works, whether the patterns we discern in it with hindsight exist before the event, whether everything happens inevitably no matter what we do or think, or whether by our intervention we're able to influence outcomes or are just being prescient about what's coming anyway and are merely expressing that as a wish or intention.

But it certainly seems as if we're able to intervene and guide events through intention and that's also the way the Taoists traditionally had it since ancient times, and if it seems that way and in practice tends to work that way, we might as well assume it does.

But what is manifesting?

It's not something separate from daily life. To the contrary, if we're to subscribe to manifesting as a valid tool, we're manifesting everything that happens, all the time.

The difference between unconscious manifestation and the haphazard results that produces, and cognitive manifesting a la wu wei style, is that by taking conscious command of intention and directing it to produce a given outcome, it streamlines experience, reduces extraneous activity and time wasted with those unaligned to our intention to a minimum, and accelerates the desired outcome as a result.

This applies as much to boiling a kettle as to completing a great project. If the mind isn't actively focused the guiding voice will be more a cacophony of conflicting voices swirling at an unconscious level – this kettle-boiling/big-project completion is going to be difficult, this is going to be easy, I really want to be doing this, I don't really want to be doing this, I want success, I want to mess it up, and so on.

With the mind focused and synched with the intention to succeed easily at everything you want to do, you succeed easily at everything you want to do.

With the mind focused on swift, mutually beneficial resolution to differences with others, mutually beneficial resolution to conflicts with others will occur swiftly.

And as I sai it applies as much to the most menial task as to the greatest accomplishment.

The discipline is to remain cognitive and self-aware enough to notice each phase change at which new intention-formation is required, and to be mindful enough to clearly state to yourself what your intention is.

But you must also include in your intention that when hitches nonetheless inevitably occur along the way, you'll handle them with utter equanimity equilibrium, adaptivity and aplomb.

And you must also include allowing yourself to most fully enjoy the outcome as much as the process leading to it, and to enjoy moments of disorientation and upset as much as moments of orientation and satisfaction.

That is enjoy the thrill of being alive regardless of which way the action is swinging in the moment, knowing that because all action is underpinned by the motion of yin and yang endlessly circling, there’s no point favoring easy over difficult, because each turns into its opposite over time anyway.

Above all appreciate each moment of being alive because this is the only real gift – everything else, all the details of the experience, no matter how profound is all just secondary to that, because you obviously can't enjoy any of life's gifts if you don't have the gift of life to start with.

Developing a habit of appreciation engenders a high-frequency resonance which naturally attracts events, situations, people and all the rest, vibrating at that higher frequency. In other words, appreciate being alive above all else and all else will be drawn unto you.

To set this in motion, simply repeat 81x or so under your breath, aloud or either, 'This is me appreciating being here being me'.

It'll give you a proper power-boost in a trice.

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