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Barefoot Doctor said he wanted as many as possible to benefit from the Taoist magic. So, he  devoted pretty much all his time to creating something that does just that for you.

AMPED Volume 1

Affirmation Manifesting Power Electronically Delivered.


Gain master level manifesting power and change everything in your life for the better with A M P E D in just six weeks. Working with healing frequencies, multiple paraliminal subliminal and hypnotherapy/shamanic style audible rhyming affirmations, binaural beats and seriously solid original house music gain master-level manifesting power and change everything in your life for the better in just six weeks. 

Whether you want money, love, perpetual delight, self-esteem, confidence, risk-taking courage, motivation to take action, or plain old peace of mind, just press play once a day (or more if you like it, which most do a lot), and A M P E D does it for you. 



Advance Magic Powers Entrainment Deluxe.


The most advanced brain entrainment technologyYour entire realm of activity, sensation, cognition, experience and influence transformed FOR YOU from the ground up. With AMPED Volume 2 in  another six weeks, doing nothing more on the physical plane than touching a virtual button, with absolutely no effort whatsoever, while enjoying enormous fun via your earholes, and if you fancy, eyes too, the most advanced brain entrainment technology on the planet will activate your latent magic power – for real – and we're not talking Harry Potter, but proper bona fide Taoist advanced level magician skills to manifest everything – everything you want and need to bring you the greatest gain possible in all senses and all ways, and your universe is transformed. In six weeks.

You can use pure audio or, as the mood takes you, watch the gorgeous visualizers courtesy of genius, Spanky Pymm, comprising state of the art hypnotist wheel graphics to help you zone out the noise and focus.



Accelerated Miracle Performance Enhancement Deluxe


Then there's the most stunning musical advanced brain entrainment program imaginable – that will access you into the miracle realm.

The key to performing miracle after miracle that shifts your life by a series of quantum leaps.

AMPED Volume 3 is advanced level magic. As well as manifesting your own miracle at the highest level, you’ll also be receiving a deep healing at the most profound level of your being. You’ll experience an uplift of self-esteem;  self-command;  communicational effectiveness;  unshakable inner peace;  unwavering perspective; all-embracive wisdom; psychic astuteness;  mental focus; and deep trust of life.


AMPEHEAD Immersive for increased energy

Bestows restored health and stamina, enthusiasm and drive, bounce and youthfulness via judiciously lavish use of healing frequencies.

In this Barefoot Doctor uses frequencies 68 hertz and 110 hertz to activate the 'jing' the animal force in the pelvic floor, combined in various shifting sequenced balances with 300 hertz to clear the forebrain and instigate an internal healing environment and 432 hertz to draw the 'jing' upwards to gather below the navel as 'chi'. 


AMPEDHEAD immersive for increased delight

For the constant and sheer delight of being alive that sits behind and overrides all other awarenesses and feelings.

This soundbath works by by activation of the energetic properties of the middle 'chamber' – the heart.


AMPEDHEAD immersive for increased cognitive awareness

A 20.58 minute soundbath to trigger you to gain and maintain wide-angle perspective regardless of the action occurring

This immersive gives you sustained equilibrium, poise, clarity, creativity and originality of thought, mental focus and unwavering sense of proportion, by retracting from the story-based activity of the forebrain to avail yourself of the more ancient, more comprehensively omniscient, hunter-gatherer conscious intelligence occurring in the upper rear brain.

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