Six weeks to change the universe.

Imagine that. Your entire realm of activity, sensation, cognition, experience and influence transformed FOR YOU from the ground up. 

In six weeks, doing nothing more on the physical plane than touching a virtual button, with absolutely no effort whatsoever, while enjoying enormous fun via your earholes, and if you fancy, eyes too.

The most advanced brain entrainment technology on the planet will activate your latent magic power – for real – and we're not talking Harry Potter, but proper bona fide Taoist advanced level magician skills to manifest everything – 

everything you want and need to bring you the greatest gain possible in all senses and all ways, and your universe is transformed. 

In six weeks.

You gain by magic
1- the skills of the master magician schooled in the most ancient and probably most powerful system of magic in the world – a feat that would conventionally require many years of assiduous training and practice, along with the ability to instantaneously manifest everything you decide to manifest, without needing to buy a magic wand or occult fancy dress outfit. 

2 – a new mind-set and accompanying outlook, the ability to attain and maintain calm, clear, super-intelligent, psychically-activated perspective at all times, and hence have power to peaceably prevail in all situations. 

3 – an exponentially growing money-flow without having to work harder or differently – to the contrary, by actually working less hard. 

4 – a self-healing reset that fundamentally alters your relationship to your autonomic system and enables self-corrective adjustments to occur spontaneously to smooth away symptoms and rebalance your core, as well as trans-temporally heal your wounded inner child and even retrospectively your entire ancestral lineage and thus benefit by an improved quality of DNA, to provide you optimised body-mind conditions by which to fully enjoy your oncoming influx of abundance of all things.

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