Affirmation Manifesting Technology Electronically Delivered

and change everything in your life for the better with A M P E D in just six weeks

And that’s no idle sales promise.

As far as I know, and obviously I’m biased, the Taoist system I’ve spent nearly 5 decades studying, practicing and teaching, is the most elegant and powerful of all.

For manifesting, for healing, for meditation, and for attaining a state of perpetual delight the Taoist system is unparalleled. 

But to get the full value it takes disciplined daily practice often for years, for example using all the trainings I’ve made.

I’m aware most people won’t do that much training, but I also want as many as possible to benefit from the magic like me. 

So, I’ve devoted pretty much all my time to creating something that does it for you.

Working with healing frequencies, multiple paraliminal subliminal and hypnotherapy/shamanic style audible rhyming affirmations, binaural beats and seriously solid original house music, I’ve learned how to effectively shortcut the process for you.

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