Barefoot Doctor's 100% Anti-depression Training

Barefoot Doctor's 100% Anti-depression Training


Barefoot Doctor's 100% Anti-Depression Training
Bringing us back to our souls, bringing us back to our true natures, which is my brief, puts pay to depression.


Depression occurs and literally means when you push or press yourself down – you cramp your soul, cap your spirit, stop being you, necessarily are obliged to start acting instead, and become an empty shell rather than the living vessel of consciousness you were intended to be. 

You don’t ‘get’ depression, you ‘do’ depression.

And as you’re the one with the power to generate the condition, you’re also the one with the power to stop generating it.  

The wild beast in you requires movement. It requires exercise. Even the most basic unenlightened form of exercise provides relief from self-compression. However intelligent exercise, especially qigong, which developed as a direct antidote to self-compression, has a startling antidotal effect. Partially this is linked directly to the liver in that the liver stores the blood and releases it on demand whenever the body is undertaking any sort of strenuous activity, and the more used your body gets to strenuous activity the more readily the liver releases the blood, which takes the pressure off the liver and frees up its energy, thus elevating your state. And obviously the beneficial effect of intelligent exercise on all the vital organs promotes a state of optimal energy flow, which equates instantly to optimal mental flow, the direct opposite of the stagnated mental state accompanying depression.

We’ll be examining and you’ll be learning liver-specific qigong and general toning routines to elevate your state.

45 day Taoist Treatment course to vanquish depression completely

Introduction + 45 videos with daily exercises – watch one a day and follow along

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