Barefoot Doctor's AMPED IMMERSIVE for healing visions


IMMERSIVE CINEMATICS sound-bath for having healing visions.

Not just deep-deep-deep are AMPED IMMERSIVE CINEMATICS– they're also broad and high as the clear blue sky – rich cinematic scapes for highly efficient vision-questing in the modern world.

With frequency design to stimulate the pineal region – third eye, while providing tonification for the heart and lower parts to anchor the experience to.

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    Deeply healing sensation: WARNING: not to be ingested – do not use during undercover underwater swimming-based operations, driving, cycling, or operating heavy machinery

    Suggested dose: safe to listen to using earpieces, headphones or viable external sound delivery systems up to approximately 10 times daily. 

    Can be used while, sleeping, traveling, and undertaking simple tasks.

    If in doubt consult your electrician.

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